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03.10.12 Rebranding - 13 Telltale Signs


Here at The Vine we are strong advocates that a brand is more than just your product or logo, it’s a gut feeling defined by individuals. This gut feeling is influenced through the touch points people have with your brand, such as your product / service, customer service, website, packaging, logo, marketing, PR, Social Media etc. As showcased by Lotte in a recent addition of The Vine’s 45s (below).

When it comes to rebranding, it’s easy to get caught up in the aesthetic and skip over the foundational elements required to build a brand that will endure success. The recent article; How To Tell If Your Rebranding Is A House Of Card by the Fast Company covers 13 telltale signs that your new brand isn’t working and if you’re considering a rebrand it is certainly work a read.

This article was brought to our attention by the Do Lectures’ email newsletter, Kindling.

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